“I started working with Kaylee and Pharyne literally a week before the whole world decided to go into quarantine mode. With all of the changes happening around me (the way I work, how I shop, not being able to leverage my support system, no access to a traditional gym), it was quite overwhelming focusing on a new nutritional and workout routine. But then I realized, there's never a perfect time to start so I did. The team at Pharlee have been nothing but understanding, they've helped me grow through these challenges and have approached my failures with kindness & support. In the past few weeks my mindset has shifted, and I'm realizing it's more about doing something than doing all or nothing. This is a rare opportunity to build new habits and to prioritize your health, and while it can feel overwhelming making changes in the middle of a chaotic world there is nothing more precious that your health and well being. I'm grateful to be working with a team who is interested in supporting my holistic health, rather than just my physique goals and I can't wait to continue this journey together.” - Lindsey

“After just three short months of working with Pharyne and Kaylee of Pharlee Fit & Nutritious the program has changed my outlook on a lifestyle approach to fitness and nutrition. I have started to achieve goals that I was not able to do with years of my own diet and fitness management. I am down two pant sizes which is a testament to what these ladies can do in such a short period of time!

Pharyne’s weekly meal plans are simple, easy to follow and are customized to your specific body type and workout plans. She makes talking about food and being vulnerable easy because her coaching style that is focused on balance, a healthy relationship with food and approachability. What keeps me focused and motivated to meal prep every weekend is Pharyne’s endless positivity and encouragement. We celebrate the small wins over a glass of wine!

Kaylee’s workouts are usually structured into supersets and push you to your limits, but are methodically developed to suit your needs and any prior injuries you may have. She is easily able to read her clients and adjust her the intensity of her workouts. Kaylee is a great motivator and somehow is able to make sprints and lifting weights fun!

Working with Pharlee Fit & Nutritious has been mind, body and life-changing. I’m excited for the next three months and what we can accomplish as a team!” - Stef

"I have been working with both Kaylee and Pharyne for almost 2 months now and the changes I have both seen and felt leave me at a loss for words. Besides the increase in strength, energy, and decrease in inflammation, my biggest take away from this experience has been the mental shift in my confidence and prioritization of my goals. I have found lightness in my steps, eagerness for a sweat at 6am and connection with amazing (once) strangers.⁣⁣⁣⁣I think the girls actually embody the "fairly balanced approach". They have truly shed light on what my best could be and that included my sweets fixes, my weeks where I found ease on the couch rather than reaching for my runners, and when life is sometimes..."life". So if I could be my best while having space for what's less than best I knew that I was game for the perfectly, imperfect journey." - Chau

“Kaylee and Pharyne are such amazing women and both very passionate about health. They bring a positive attitude and energy to their work and clients! We had the pleasure of having our butts kicked during their summer bootcamps this year. It was a humbling lesson on the power of a bodyweight workout! Specifically, the hill sprints (one of Kaylee’s crazy ideas) were an amazing challenge. They pushed us to be our best and focus on getting stronger. They made it fun and created a community of awesome people in the process. It was such a welcome distraction from the craziness of COVID and a way to take care of ourselves physically and mentally! We love working with these two ladies! - Scott & Kim

“Pharyne has been helping me with my nutrition for the last 6 months and has had such a positive impact on my overall health & wellness. She takes a balanced approach to nutrition and has provided me with amazing advice as it relates to my health goals. She cannot do enough for her clients and has provided me with meal plans, a variety of great recipes and advice on protein and fiber intake based on my personal goals. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for advice on overall health, wellness and nutrition.”⁣ - Melissa

“In late 2019 and early 2020 I was starting to feel incredibly fit exercising anywhere from 4-7 days a week. Then, like everyone else, in March 2020 COVID hit and closed gyms and fitness studios. At the beginning I took it as a “sign” to rest my body and “relax and take it easy.” Well taking it easy for 2 and a half months started to take a toll on my body and getting back into a routine again was harder than ever! I realized I was someone that could not motivate myself but rather needed someone to push me to my limit and encourage me work harder. And between not working out and going from a physically demanding job to working at home my body struggled to get back into a routine and getting fit and healthy again on my own. ⁣

Then I found Pharlee Fit and Nutritious! They have helped me get back into shape and I feel stronger and fitter than ever! They managed to help me see my goals as more than just numbers and look at myself as a stronger and healthier individual. Between the individual training sessions, summer boot camps, and personalized weekly exercise programs. I was not only able to get back to where I was before COVID but rather stronger, fitter and healthier. They have given me the encouragement and guidance that I’ve needed to stay on track. And have kept me accountable every step of the way!” - Steph

“Before joining Pharlee, I was hooked on HIIT workouts because I thought they were the only way I could get a good workout in and stay fit. When I started working out with Kaylee, I was having reoccurring back issues and my body was always tired. After a few sessions, I realized that I didn’t have to kill myself to get a good workout, and instead could focus on key muscle groups and maintain good form. My body became even stronger and I felt more well rested. ⁣

Kaylee is an amazing trainer, teacher and friend. On top of it all she plays pretty awesome music during your session too! :) I would highly recommend these two boss babes for all your training and nutritional needs!” - Jayme